The InnoVisionDenmark association was founded in 2018 in order to create a better basis for potential global winners in Denmark, to become commercial successes. The goal is to contribute to Denmark get into the global Top5 for start-ups and scale-ups.


Phase two:

Year 2020 is dedicated to "sprint development and testing" of a new eco system for example for corona virus related ideas/concepts. This includes collaboration with Universities, Foundations, Companies and other organsationsWe will speed up, create, test and evaluate ideas for "Global Next Practice".


Competence Mapping and Global/Local Network:

The theories of change and transformation we are testing has two main points;

  • If we have the right people with the right skills, then the chance of success is greater
  • A digitized global and local network can create "next practice" to attract and match people who together can create successes for the benefit of Denmark and the World.

We reuse good ideas and solutions, we work together locally and globally - innovation, vision and contribute to "connecting the dots".


We create a Global/Local Network:

Many start-ups get support from eg. universities and public schemes - but before the idea is commercialized so much that companies co-invest, they are overtaken or "die of resource shortage". InnoVisionDenmark will actively create a brand new unique global / local eco-system, which will be a huge advantage for the individual start-up and at the same time help bring Denmark to the global top5.


Come and join – we already have a strong team

We are proud of involvement and substantial commitment from strong organisations including the Novo Nordisk Foundation, DTU – the Technical University of Denmark, PwC and Innovation Center Denmark. We cooperate with Valuer. Joel Beilin, who has experience within partnering between Universities and businesses heads InnoVisionDenmark.

Membership of InnoVisionDenmark is free for start-ups / entrepreneurs